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PROS / This software is available in eight languages and can provide support in numerous European languages.

CONS / Quirks in the program made some functions confusing.

VERDICT / This is a good software if you have employees in multiple countries or if you value fast file transfer times. However, not all of the functions work as effectively as equivalent functions in comparable services.

Anyplace Control remote PC access software is a basic software suitable for telecommuting. It offers encrypted and password-protected connections between two Windows-operating computers. With interfaces in eight languages and multi-lingual customer support, it's certainly worth checking out if you are buying for a business that needs to access computers of people in multiple nations. However, it has some quirks that take away from its efficiency.

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When you download the program, you can choose to run it in one of eight languages, including Arabic, English and several European languages. The file also gives you the choice of two kinds of programs – the Host and the Viewer. However, even though we installed the Viewer module, we were given the same features as the host, including the ability to give others access to our computer as if it were the host. This is just the first of its quirks.

In order to connect, you need to let your partner computer know the ID and password of the host. These are randomly generated by the Anyplace Control program. While this is a great security feature, it does mean that someone needs to be at the other computer to put in the information in order to connect.

The menu bar is simple and icon-based, with the major commands you need. However, it is not all-inclusive. Some features, such as keyboard lock, belong on the admin section of remote access programs, but others, like the clipboard, seem out of place there instead of on the working menu.

There were some quirks with the program tools as well. If you are accessing a computer with dual monitors, the monitor button should let you see both monitors or alternate between two monitors. However, in testing, we would see both monitors on Monitor One. Clicking on Monitor Two did not display the other screen. File transfer also has an odd issue. It would not let us access our documents file or desktop. It did, however, let us get into other folders, including program files. Thus, we could transfer programs but not documents, pictures or videos. The only way we could do so was to move the target document into a different file ahead of time and then effect the transfer. The transfer time itself, however, was excellent. Our 659MB video file transferred in six minutes, about half the time it took other programs to move the same file. Further, the transfer controls tell you the start and end time, show a progress bar, and display the transfer speed.

Support is multilingual but not easy to reach if you are in the Western Hemisphere. You need to Skype during European business hours. The user guide is concise but not searchable and not as detailed as we needed, especially when trying to figure out the file-transfer issue. There are some simple how-to videos on the website as well.


Anyplace Control is a good program for accessing a computer remotely, offering high-speed file transfer and all the usual computer manipulations of other remote PC access programs. Its multi-lingual capability makes it a stronger choice for European companies or companies that deal with computers in other nations. It does have some quirks that hinder its overall performance, however.

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