Anyplace Control boasts an impressive collection of remote access tools such as the ability to access computers that have a dynamic IP address and power on/off host PCs. However, we struggled with getting our local computer to connect to the host computer despite several interactions with technical support.

We downloaded the host version of this remote access software to a computer connected to the internet via a wireless router. The host computer is located outside of our building and our network. We downloaded the local version of the software onto a PC in our test lab. We attempted numerous times to connect and we kept getting the message that our host computer was offline. We followed the instructions provided by technical support and sent them screenshots of the error messages as requested. However, we did not receive a response from technical support after waiting six days.

We noticed that in their blog Anyplace Control has a new beta version available. The newest version is supposed to have increased connection speeds and a new direct connection menu. We are hoping that the version improvements will alleviate the problems we experienced with connecting.

If you are able to successfully connect to your remote PC with this software it has an easy-to-use file transfer tool with drag-and-drop ability. It also has the ability to access the host PC through an internet connection, directly with an IP address or through a LAN or WAN connection. In terms of security, they employ 128-bit encryption and dual passwords to connect. You can even set up a password on the remote side that requires the person on the remote PC to grant the viewer access.

In terms of support, you can contact technical support by email, through a web form or by telephone if you are comfortable with calling a number in the Ukraine. They do not relate on their support page which language technical support is provided in. We received answers to our email questions in English, but the response was only moderately cordial and even after we did what they asked of us, we did not receive additional support to solve our problem. We also noticed numerous grammar and spelling errors on the Anyplace Control website, which is not always a direct indicator of product quality; however, careless errors do cause us to doubt the level of quality they feel is acceptable.

Anyplace Control Summary:

We would like to report positive experiences with Anyplace Control. However, we could not get our viewer to connect correctly and they did not provide us with the necessary technical support to correct the problem. We hope their next version will not have the same issues and that they improve their technical support.


Anyplace Control

This software is available in seven languages and they can provide support in numerous European languages.

We had a difficult time getting Anyplace Control to connect to our host computer.

The Verdict:

Anyplace Control is currently working on a new version. Hopefully the issues we had with this software will be resolved soon.